How Does Insurance Define Prevention Services?

A dental insurance policy can be a tricky document to read, and it’s not just because it’s full of legal jargon. Because insurance has to account for a number of different scenarios, the clauses can be interpreted in different ways by different people. If you’re wondering what exactly constitutes preventative dentistry in the eyes of an insurance company, we’ll take you through the basics.

Preventative Dental Care

The vast majority of dental plans will cover dental prevention services in Rockville, MD. The idea is that the more they pay upfront, the less they’ll have to pay if their teeth are severely damaged due to neglect. It’s important to note here that even the most diligent of brushers and flossers aren’t immune to plaque or tartar buildup, which can ultimately cause tooth decay and gum disease if you’re not careful.

What’s Covered Under Insurance?

Every insurance policy is different, but most will cover your exams, cleanings, and X-rays. What’s more important is the portion that’s covered and whether you have any limits under the policy. Because dental care can add up over time, many dental plans have limits as to how much they’ll cover over the course of the year. For instance, they may cap you at $2,000 for the year. Once you hit that limit, prevention work will not be covered under the plan.

Find a General Dentist in Rockville

If you’re looking for a dentist in Rockville who can help you make the most of your oral health, no matter what state it’s in currently, contact Montgomery Family & Cosmetic Dentistry today. Our staff can help you schedule preventative care so it’s as resilient as possible. We can also help you plan your budget around your insurance plan, no matter what it covers.