3 Common Dental Problems For Children

Don’t wait for your older child to get a toothache before visiting the dentist. Children should have their first dental visit no later than the age of one, when their first tooth erupts, or earlier if there may be a potential tooth or gum problem.

1. Tongue-tie or Lip-tie

These are two congenital conditions that may go unnoticed without the help of your pediatric dentist in Rockville, MD. Tongue-tie is when the tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth is too short, and restricts range of motion. Lip-tie is when the tissue connecting the upper lip to the upper gums is restrictive. Both can potentially cause problems with breastfeeding, speaking impairments, eating problems and dental alignment issues.

2. Baby Teeth Decay

Many parents are surprised to learn that baby teeth can decay before they even erupt from the gums. Typically, this is at least partially caused by an excess of sugary drinks, such as apple juice. An early visit to your child’s dentist will include helpful tips and advice to help you to avoid the need to extract decayed baby teeth. And, if problems have already developed, your family dentist will offer effective solutions that support your child’s future dental health.

3. Alignment Issues

Alignment problems with children’s teeth are often caused by thumb sucking and/or the use of pacifiers. While pacifiers serve a valuable purpose for parents, their prolonged use can cause teeth to grow in crooked. Unfortunately, thumb sucking can do the same thing. Your family dentist in Rockville, MD has helpful ideas to help your child break the pacifier habit. We can also identify potential alignment issues before they become expensive orthodontic problems later on.

Your Rockville, MD, dentist is here for your whole family, including your children. Contact us now for a child-friendly dentist visit!