Want Whiter Teeth In 2024? 3 Ways to Make That Happen

We all start with white teeth, but as we get older, our teeth can become yellow, or even brown or gray. White teeth can give you confidence in your smile and help you feel better about your appearance. If it’s important to you to have whiter teeth, make this your New Year’s resolution. You can do many things to make your teeth whiter in 2024. Visiting thedentist in Rockville, MD, can help. If achieving whiter teeth is important to you, here’s what you can do.

1. Improve Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Are you brushing twice per day and flossing once daily? Do you use an electric toothbrush and brush for two minutes at a time? Poor oral hygiene could be partially responsible for your stained teeth if you aren’t doing these things. Talk to your dentist at Montgomery Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to find out what you can do to improve your oral hygiene habits. Make 2024 the year that you start taking better care of your teeth.

2. See the Dentist Twice

Seeing the dentist twice per year is important for catching and eliminating plaque and tartar. Both plaque and tartar can contribute to tooth staining, so it’s important to see the dentist twice per year. If you haven’t made your first appointment with the dentist in 2024 yet, call to get that appointment on the books.

3. Whiten Your Teeth

Getting your teeth professionally whitened can make your teeth several shades whiter. Montgomery Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offerstooth whitening in Rockville, MD. Professional teeth whitening is a fast, safe, and effective way to make your teeth whiter and brighter, so call today to make an appointment in 2024.

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